I’m in crisis and need to talk to someone. Who can I contact?

RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline (24/7, Confidential): 800-656-4673

To chat online:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (24/7, help available in English and Spanish with services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing folx): 1-800-273-8255

The Trevor Project Lifeline (for LGBT+ folx, 24/7, call, text, and chat available):

How do I explore my reproductive healthcare options, safely and privately?

To open an incognito tab:

On Mac: Shift + ⌘ + N

On Windows/Chrome: Shift + CTRL + N

To clear browser history:

Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete; click on the boxes you want to clear; click “clear browsing data”

Learn about VPNs, private browsers, and private messaging:

To learn how to protect your digital privacy:

How do I learn more about how abortions work and find reproductive healthcare near me?

To find your nearest Planned Parenthood:

Or call: 1-800-230-PLAN

To schedule a telehealth appointment with Planned Parenthood:

To find your nearest clinic that provides abortions:

To learn about how much abortion costs:

To find a trusted abortion provider, have a confidential consultation, or access accurate information about abortion (multi-lingual hotline):

To learn what to expect when getting an abortion:

To find abortion funds (funds that help cover the cost of your abortion) available in your state, region, etc.:

How do I access abortion pills online?

To access abortion pills online/via telemedicine:

(Note: aidaccess allows for ADVANCE provision of abortion pills; certain websites cover some states and not others.)

To learn more about how to find/access abortion pills:

To access more comprehensive support learning about your abortion options (no matter what state you live in):

I want to understand the legal repercussions of having an abortion in my state.

If/When/How Repro Legal Helpline is an amazing resource that can help you understand the specific rules in your state, your options, and any risks you might face.

Contact the helpline:

Learn about self-managed abortion:

Learn about judicial bypass:

Learn how to keep yourself and your information safe online:

How can I show up for abortion rights and people seeking abortions?

To provide shelter for people seeking abortion (and train to do so):

To sign up for a full, free day of virtual abortion activism training July 17th:

I want to get more involved in abortion activism; where can I learn more?

Check out:

NARAL Pro-Choice America

Shout Your Abortion

Abortion Access Front

I need help paying for my abortion. How can I learn more about abortion funds in my area?

To find out what abortion funds are available to you: